Hyrd is everything you need.

Hyrd is a total end-to-end solution and made for everyone, whether you're looking for a job, or you're a company that needs to hire great talent fast.

For Talent

Connect directly with companies and secure a job, fast.

  • Resume Builder

    Easily import your resume into 6 polished and results-proven templates appropriate for a wide range of careers.

  • Video Profile

    Create a 60 second "about me" video and immediately increase your chances of landing the job by introducing yourself and letting your personality shine through.

  • Video Interviews

    Forget waiting weeks and having to travel to job interviews. Hyrd allows you to meet face-to-face with your future employer via video interviews, at a time that suits you (perfect if you already have a job!).

  • Share Documents

    Quickly and easily upload school transcripts, copies of your degree, portfolios, test results, and any other documents to help you get the job.

  • Priority Listings

    Highlight yourself to potential employers by upgrading your listing. You'll appear in search results before everyone else, and be given a badge to match.

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For Companies

Not just an end-to-end solution, Hyrd builds your brand.

  • Deep discovery

    Hyrd's highly searchable and filtered indexes of companies and talent allows both parties to find the right match and kickstart the recruiting process.

  • More efficient hiring

    From instant scheduling and one-way and two-way video interviews, to resume building and collaborative team hiring, Hyrd technology makes the matching process fast and efficient for everyone involved.

  • Paperless Fulfilment

    An end-to-end online solution, Hyrd gives digital control of the entire hiring process, reducing unnecessary paperwork and logistical strain.

  • 360° views of talent

    Standardized resumes, social media integration, interactive video, testimonials, and ability tag-words give hiring teams a complete view of their applicants to help make good decisions.

  • Domain expertise

    150+ years of combined management experience gives Hyrd a strong understanding of institutional and individual recruiting needs.

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Hyrd is Transforming Hiring.

Hyrd isn't another LinkedIn or job seeking website, it's an end-to-end hiring ecosystem. Hyrd evolves the processes of finding a job and finding the right people from being highly fragmented and inefficient to being fast, interactive, and results driven.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Hyrd better than other job sites?

Hyrd isn't just another job search website or a post-hiring management tool, because with Hyrd every step of the hiring process is taken care of. Hyrd is a total end-to-end hiring system for both companies and job seekers, designed to specifically solve the "hiring headache" - making it possible for great employees and great companies to find each other quickly and easily. ...

Who does Hyrd connect me to?

After you sign up for a free account, you'll be able to browse Hyrd's extensive and quality-controlled database of companies (if you're looking for a job) or talent (if you're a company) . Many industries are covered including IT, retail and customer service, finance, engineering, and education to name a few. Join now to find out more. ...

Do I have to pay?

You can create an account and check out Hyrd for free. There are various paid features on Hyrd which depend on whether you're looking for a job or you're a company that's hiring. For talent , to upload your resume in a Hyrd preferred format costs a small fee. For companies, listing a job is free however a competitive fee is payable when a hire is completed. ...

I'm a recent graduate, is this platform for me?

Absolutely, and by joining Hyrd you're significantly improving your chances of getting a great job and developing your career. Many of the companies you can connect with on Hyrd are looking for recent graduates. Until now, graduate hiring has been a major problem for many reasons, including the difficulty companies have had in finding the right graduates to fit their needs. Hyrd brings graduates and companies together in new ways, closing the gap. ...

We're a multinational, can Hyrd deliver me 1000 new headcount in 6 months?

Yes, in fact Hyrd was specially designed to be able to do this. With the tools available on Hyrd - such as video profiles, standardized resumes, and deep search - you can easily screen large groups of candidates, track the hiring progress of a talent pool in real time, and fill positions electronically. Hyrd will save you time and money, but more importantly will help you fill positions with the right people with minimal effort. ...

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